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i'm caroline and i live and breathe country music. eric church & kip moore are my favorite singers and, like my life, this bog is dedicated to them. be sure to follow me on instagram, @springsteentrack9 !

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listen boys here is a hint for u: flannel shirts


1993-10-26 Milwaukee, WI, US. Kevin Mazur
Mazur was blown away by the Chicago gig. "I remember Kurt jumping and flying in the air into the audience, and security just going crazy trying to get him. "It seemed like he was up in the air forever."
The next day, he rushed to get his film processed. Here, Cobain looks through his live photos from the previous night. “We were talking about how great that show was – he was saying it was a great crowd, and the energy was amazing.” He was going through pages and pages of slides, and he said, 'I love them all. There’s not one bad photo here.’ That was the ultimate compliment for me.” Mazur took this image right after Cobain encountered a fan backstage in Milwaukee. “Kurt noticed him and said, ‘C’mere, man! What do you want – an autograph or something? And the guy goes, ‘No, no. I just wanted to give you this.’ It was a coin that said the guy was clean for a year. They spoke for a good, long time about that. When the guy walked away, Kurt told me, 'This really, really means a lot to me, because I’m clean right now. I’m even trying to quit smoking cigarettes.'”

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The Adventures of George Washington by LadyHistory [more]


The Adventures of George Washington (Part 2) by LadyHistory [more]

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Kurt Cobain♥


Kurt Cobain♥

"i don’t get why you like eric church so much tbh"


     Eric Church: Power of a Song - For The Love Of Music


Happy three year anniversary Chief! I cannot believe that it has been three years since I became an Eric Church fan. Buying this record for my sister was the best thing I ever did. Yes, I knew of Eric before Chief, thanks to a certain NASCAR superstar being in a video, but it was this record that truly made me become a fan. When I first heard “Homeboy” on the radio I knew it was Eric and I wanted to know more about him. I’m so glad I did because I wouldn’t have songs like “Sinners Like Me” and “Those I’ve Loved” that are so incredibly written and I connect with so well. Being in this fanbase has been nothing short of amazing. It’s one of a kind and I am so happy that I am a part of it. I know I haven’t been a fan from the beginning, but I don’t think that defines a fan. I’m here to stay and I can’t imagine my life without Eric in it. Thanks for the most amazing three years, Eric! Here’s to many more amazing years! See you in December!

I started #threeyearchief on Instagram and I’m so glad to not only read people’s precious stories but happy to see it spread all over social networking. thanks for your input!


I guess I was feeling kinda crafty.



what a time to be alive


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Just celebrated Eric Church & Luke Laird’s #1 hit, “Give Me Back My Hometown.” This is Luke’s 15th #1, Eric’s 3rd #1, & Creative Nation’s 3rd! Congrats everyone. So proud of y’all!